In our shop you will find a great range of bird supplies, from bird cages of all sizes to specialist foods and health products.  
The varied range of bird cages has specially selected items, ideal for different living arrangements and sizes of bird. The bird conditioners, treatments and food supplies combined with a wide selection of toys and treats ensure that you can keep your bird, healthy, happy and entertained.

Wild Bird Food

Whether you are looking to feed aviary , pet or wild birds, M&L Pets World offer a great choice of quality seeds and treats. We offer several different mixes of wild bird seed, high energy mixes, robin and songbird, sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts – all available in small bags or bulk.
20kg Wild Bird seed starts from £10.99, with our own special blend which is great for attracting a more diverse variety of birds at just £12.99 for 20kg.
25kg Peanuts are on offer at ONLY £29.99!

Cage Bird Food

Come down to M&L and you will find a great choice of bird seeds – all available in smaller packs for your pets, or in bulk sacks for people with aviaries. We also stock several ranges of complementary treats to help keep your birds entertained, including quality treats from Vitakraft, Vitapol and Johnson’s.

Bird Cages

M & L Pets World have many sizes of bird cages designed to suit to a wide variety of different birds, from budgies and finches, to cockatiels and parrots. All at great prices, we offer an enviable choice of cages in a variety of colour finishes.

Perches & Toys

Your bird may be in need of some amusement and mental stimulation while you’re not around. Why not take a look at the wonderful fun toys and treats that will keep your budgie, parrot or cockatiel fully entertained for hours – helping to avoid boredom and subsequent associated problems, such as feather-plucking.