catsaPet Cats

Here you can find a great range of food, beds, scratch posts, collars and treats for your feline friend.  
The best groomed, smartest and cleverest cats get their owners to shop here at M&L Pets World where quality, best price and service come naturally.
Your cats choose the best; after all they live with you!

Cat Food & Treats 

We stock the comprehensive Royal Canin range of dry cat food, which offers supreme nutrition for all cats.
Natures Menu is our fresh frozen range of cat food – feeding the way nature intended: complete meat-based diet in convenient frozen nuggets. Just thaw and watch your cat enjoy this tasty natural diet.
Other great quality cat foods stocked at M&L include Arden Grange, Meowing Heads, Canagan, Hills and Supacat.

Cat Bedding 

At M& L Pets World we offer everything you may need to care for your cats, our range of beds includes radiator beds, hooded beds as well as soft mattresses and beds to ensure that your cat has somewhere comfortable to rest their head.

Health & Hygiene 

Our cat care products range from medicines and treatments, to cat litter and disinfectants. So whether you need, flea or worming cat supplies, dental aids or hairball remedies we’re confident we have medicines and treatments to deal with most minor ailments.

Cat Accessories 

Our cat accessories include cat flaps, scratching posts, toys, collars, bowls (available in stainless steel, plastic, melamine and ceramic) even toy mice. We also offer a range of cat treats so that you can give your felines a special treat every now and again.
We also stock Grooming Products, Pet Carriers and Crates, Cat Doors and Cat Flaps and of course the important Cat Litter Trays with a large choice in Cat Litter.
Cats love to play and need scratch posts if your furniture is to be spared! We stock a huge selection of cat furniture, ranging from basic kitten scratch posts to much larger pieces of cat furniture for homes with bigger or multiple cats.
We also offer cat litter, litter trays, scoops, pet carriers for visits to the vet, collars, harnesses, beds, toys, cat flaps and much more.
Our trained and knowledgeable team are ready to provide advice and assistance regarding any of our cat supplies, accessories or cat care products; simply give us a call, drop us an email or pop in-store for helpful guidance on a massive range of cat care products.