smallaSmall Animals

Our extensive range of small animal products will help ensure you can provide your pet with comfortable housing, bedding, toys and appropriate food and treats.

Guinea Pig Foods 

We stock several leading brands of specialist guinea pig foods, such as Gerty Guinea Pig, Sweet Meadow Mix, Mr Johnson’s Advanced and Burgess Excel Guinea Pig, to name a few. All these recognised brands contain Vitamin C, which is an essential part of the guinea pig’s diet. Remember, though, that your guinea pig will enjoy munching on vegetables and fruit rich in Vitamin C, along with good quality, clean, fresh hay and the occasional treat.

Rabbit Foods

Rabbits can be fussy eaters, so we offer several top brands of rabbit foods ensuring that you will be able to find the right one for your pet. Our regularly stocked extruded pelleted brands include: Burgess Excel Rabbit and Mr Johnson’s Advanced Rabbit.
We still find a lot of rabbits prefer a muesli type diet and therefore offer great foods such as Russel Rabbit, Sweet Meadow Mix, Chudleys Rabbit Royale, and, an old favourite, Henry Bells’ No.5 mixes with big flaked peas and alfalfa.
Many of these are available in smaller weigh-out bags so you can try them without buying large bags, but bulk sacks of many of these foods are also available at great prices for people with larger numbers of pets to feed.
There are lots of complementary treats to help keep your pet busy while at the same time providing the essential harder food to gnaw on to help stop teeth overgrowing.

Hamster & Gerbil

Hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice have plenty to choose from with our great range of foods from leading manufacturers such as Supreme, Mr Johnson’s and Link.
Our range of complementary treats will also ensure their need to chew can be satisfied with crunchy and nutritious offerings from Vitakraft, Supreme and Vitapol.

Small Pet Bedding

From super absorbent substrates such as Carefresh bedding and Back 2 Nature, to super clean straw and fluff bedding made from plant fibres, we offer a great range of bedding for small pets. The new Excel Bedding & Litter from Burgess, made from 100% natural pressed straw, has added natural external parasite control, is long lasting and super absorbent. Choosing great products like these can help minimise spores and dust and thereby reduce the risk of respiratory issues in pets. Come in and see for yourself the great range of products available here. Our staff are always on hand and happy to help.

Cages & Carriers

M&L Pets World stock a great variety of cages and homes for small animals – with prices to suit every budget. Come in and see for yourself our extensive range which are available to buy either alone or as part of our Starter Kit deals, offering even better value for money.

Hutches & Runs

We stock several sizes of Outdoor Rabbit Hutches which come pre -treated with a two door design for easy cleaning. All hutches have a separate sleeping compartment and are available flat packed with legs. We can assemble these hutches for you in store, so long as your transport is large enough to take the assembled size.


We have a host of vet and grooming products for small animals, Feeders & Drinkers and many Toys & Accessories to provide your pets with a happy interesting life. So come and see us and get some great advice for your pets at M & L Pets World.

Reptile Live Food

We sell Pre-Pack tubs of Live-food suitable for feeding to Reptiles including Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Monitors and Geckos. They are also suitable for, Amphibians, Insect eating Birds, small Mammals and Primates. Within the range of live food you will find Crickets, Locusts, Mealworms, Waxworms and Morio Worms. Larger quantities of live foods are available upon request. We also stock a comprehensive range of frozen food for reptiles – all at great prices.